Opportunity for researchers with a PhD from Ukraine to apply for funding in Sweden

Ukrainian researchers who come to Sweden in 2022 can now apply for grants to conduct their research here. 30 million SEK is allocated in the call “SSF individual grants for Ukrainian scientists 2022” which is aimed at Ukrainian citizens with a doctoral degree. The researcher must be employed by a Swedish university or a research institute during the project period.

All forms of employment are permitted, ranging from temporary employment as postdoc or visiting professor to more permanent faculty positions.

The researcher can apply for a maximum of 3 MSEK and the duration of the project can be up to 3 years. A letter of intent must be submitted by the Swedish host institution.

The researcher must conduct strategic research within SSF’s areas: Natural Science, Engineering and Medicine.”

Me and my team will help anyway we can with writing of applications and providing letter of intents, and through the Swedish Medical Informatics Association we can help find other hosts. You can apply anytime during 2022.

More information: https://strategiska.se/en/ssf-supports-ukrainian-researchers-with-30-million-sek/