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Prof. Dr.

UACM, P.O.BOX 7313
Kharkiv 61002

The basic scientific direction of professor O.Yu.Mayorov is the development of diagnostic technologies in neuro- and cardio-diagnostics, intellectual training systems, and information-processing in health care. He is the author of a computer system encompassing EEG and HRV programs (qEEG & qHRV), a new method of research multivariate linear neurodynamic systems of the brain and functional asymmetry of hemispheres. He has created the newest technology of research of nonlineardynamics in the brain on EEG (deterministic chaos); technologies of objective estimation of functional systems in an organism with the aim of assessing the efficiency of medical treatment in schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and a diabetes.

Under his management, a fully-functional hospital information system using high-performance object databases, using a post-relational database, an electronic signature, the protection of personal data. has been created. Professor O.Yu. Mayorov is the co-author of the Concepts of a State policy of the Public health information of Ukraine (1995, 2013), the State Public Health Programme (2006-2010), Scientific director of the National Program and Action Plan for 2014-2016 years and the architecture of the National network "UkrMedNet". He is author and project manager of the sanitary and epidemiologic monitoring system in the large industrial city “SEMON“.

He has received an academician P.K.Anokhin medal of the Normal Physiology Institute Academy of Medical Sciences of USSR (Russia) for development “Theories of functional systems” (1991). He was awarded the Leonard Euler medal of Europaische Akademie der Naturwissenchaften, Germany (2009) for his outstanding contribution to the creation of the newest medical information technologies.