HIME – Health Information Management Europe


  • Rolf Engelbrecht


  • Angelika Haendel
  • Lorraine Nicholson


Main Objectives

The group operates as a ”think-tank” drawing together leading-edge expertise not only from across the medical documentation and medical informatics spectrum but also from other professions with relevant generic input to focus on selected topic areas in support of clinical and healthcare research and routine processes.

  • To promote exchange of experience in development, implementation, education, and use of health record systems
  • To promote exchange of standards in close co-operation with SDOs (standard development organizations) and institutions working in the field on national and European level.
  • To investigate the needs, opportunities and obstacles for health information management.
  • To disseminate results and experiences across EFMI members
  • To facilitate access to European educational facilities and EFMI members

Activities in general

  • Supporting activities of EFMI, its members (resp. their national societies) and IFHIMA-Europe, especially MIE and STC conferences.
  • Organizing workshops on national and European level
  • Initiation of a Forum using Internet and other publication media.
  • Making educational and promotional material available
  • Preparation of IFHIMA (International Federation of HIM associations) conferences

Relevant Activities

  • Further extension of the LinkedIn group EFMI-HIME. Number of members above 460
  • Seminar HIME at STC2013 in Prague, http://stc2013.org/assets/files/STC2013%20Seminar%20HIM%20final.pdf
  • Seminar HIME at STC2014 Budapest
  • Presentation at WCIT 2014, Guadalajara / Mexico
  • Presentation at Telemed 2014, Berlin
  • Presentations at MIE2016 and HEC2016 in Munich

Activities planned for 2017

  • Organisation of discussions and promotions on the LinkedIn group EFMI-HIME
  • Organisation of the programme for STC2017 in Israel
  • Presentation at WCIT 2017, Guadalajara / Mexico

If you want to become a member of the HIME Working Group, please contact with the Chair of the Working Group