Medical Informatics Europe Conference (MIE)

The MIE congresses (Medical Informatics Europe) have been organised by the national members and EFMI with up to more than 1000 participants. The concept includes peer-reviewed presentations according to the type of paper as oral or poster presentation. Workshops and tutorials prepared or supported by EFMI working groups are an essential part of EFMI MIE conferences.

 Upcoming MIE Conference:

  • 33rd Medical Informatics Europe Conference (#MIE2023) – Gothenburg, Sweden 22 to 25 May 2023

MIE Proceedings

All the Accepted Papers were peer-reviewed by scientific peers form all over the world and are published in the series of Studies in Health Technology and Informatics.

You can find the proceedings of each conference held until today by clicking the links below

2022 Nice, France
2021 Athens Greece
2020 Geneva, Switzerland
2018 Gothenburg, Sweden
2017 Manchester, UK
2016 (@HEC2016) - Munich, Germany
2015 Madrid, Spain
2014 Istanbul, Turkey
2012 Pisa, Italy
2011 Oslo, Norway
2009 Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
2008 Gothenburg, Sweden
2006 Maastricht, Netherlands
2005 Geneva, Switzerland
2003 Sant Malo, France
2002 Budapest, Hungary
2000 Hanover, Germany
1999 Ljubljana, Slovenia
1997 Thessaloniki, Greece
1996 Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 Lisbon, Portugal
1993 Jerusalem, Israel
1991 Vienna, Austria
1990 Glasgow, Scotland
1988 Oslo, Norway
1987 Rome, Italy
1985 Helsinki, Finland
1984 Brussels, Belgium
1982 Dublin, Ireland
1981 Toulouse, France
1979 Berlin, Germany
1978 Cambridge, UK