MIP – Medical Image Processing


  • Thomas Deserno


  • Jamshid Dehmeshki



Medical image processing is a major aspect of medical informatics. Still, computer-aided diagnosis based on images and bio-signals is challenging. Novel recording devices are established continuously as well as mobile health applications. Therefore, we face novel topics to cope with and believe that European interchange of experts is the key for the future of medical image processing.


The main objectives of the working group MIP are:

  • Support of communication and common attempts of academia and industry to increase quality of innovation, research and development in the field of medical image processing.
  • Activities towards references image databases for medical image processing R&D groups in order to support validation and evaluation of medical image processing methods and systems.
  • Establish a web-based information system for European image processing groups and their current activities.
  • Organise meetings and workshops at EFMI conferences, special topic conferences and other activities linked to events such as CARS and Medinfo conferences.
  • Build and maintain close relationship with persons, groups, organisations and standardisation bodies related to the field.


  • At CARS: For instance in 2011, EFMI WG-MIP successfully organized the 3rd CADdemo@CARS demonstration workshop for Computer Aided Diagnosis systems in Berlin with four demonstrations, a panel discussion, and ca. thirty participants. Moderator: A. Horsch. Panellists: P. Cerello (I), H. Fujita (J), K. Mori (J), R. Nishikawa (US), T. Wittenberg (D).
  • At MIE: For instance in 2011 in Oslo a panel on “Patient Empowerment and High-Tech Imaging and Biosignal-Based Procedures – Contradiction or Challenge?” has been organized as a joint activity together with IMIA WG Biomedical Pattern Recognition, as well as a WG business meeting. Furthermore, an application for MIE special topic conference (STC) for 2017 was approved by GMDS (Germany), handed in to EFMI and got acknowledged but needed to be withdranwn due to the working group chairs’ move to university of Braunschweig. However, we are now in the cue for hosting an EFMI STC.
  • AT BVM: The BVM conference is a DACH-based annual workshop purely dedicated to medical image processing. Mostly all talks are given in English, and the number of international attendencies has been increasing continuously. 
  • At other meetings: As an educational activity support of the 19th CATAI Winter Course of the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain, in March 2011 with a lecture on “Diagnostic DICOM Images in 4G Mobile Phones”.

Recent Topics

  • Medical images in clinical research
  • Mobile acquisition and analysis of images
  • Big data analytics in medical images

Next Activity

The next activities are the annual BVM meetings, usually in March. The 2019 event will be helt in Berlin, Germany, and hosted by the Charite – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. 


If you want to become a member of the MIP Working Group, please contact with the Chair of the Working Group