Special Topic Conferences (STC)

STCs are conferences, specialized in current topics. Special Topic Conferences follow a successful concept including the following components:

  • Organization by a member society in combination with its annual meeting
  • Topic defined to the needs of the member society
  • Relevant EFMI Working groups are engaged in the content
  • Contributions mostly on an invitation
  • Small 2-day conference with 100+ participants

Upcoming STC Conference:

STC Proceedings

You can check the proceedings of each conference held until today by clicking the links below

2022 Cardiff, Wales, UK
2021 Sevilla, Spain (e-Conference)
2020 Kuopio, Finland (e-Conference)
2019 Hanover, Germany
2018 Zagreb, Croatia
2017 Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 Paris, France
2014 Budapest, Hungary
2013 Prague, Czech Republic
2012 Moscow, Russia
2011 Lasko, Slovenia
2010 Reykjavik, Iceland
2009 Antalya, Turkey
2008 London, UK
2007 Brijuni Island, Croatia
2006 Timisoara, Romania
2005 Athens, Greece
2004 Munich, Germany
2003 Rome, Italy
2002 Nicosia, Cyprus
2001 Bucharest, Romania