NI – Nursing Informatics

New Board

  • Inge Madsen – Chair
  • Laura-Maria Peltonen – Secretary
  • Patrick Weber – Co-Chair
  • Mattias Georgsson – Communications Officer

Inge Madsen is a nurse and holds a Master in Health Informatics since 1998 from the University of Aalborg, Denmark. She has been working with informatics for more than 30 years nationally and internationally and she is currently an associated professor at the VIA Faculty of Health Sciences, Aarhus, Denmark.

Correspondence to the board should be sent to the secretary (laura-maria.peltonen(at)

We are now on Facebook: Nursing Informatics in Europe (

Main Objectives

  • To support nurses and nursing organizations in the European countries with information and contacts in the field of informatics.
  • To offer nurses opportunities to build contact networks within the informatics field. This could be accomplished by arranging sessions, workshops and tutorials in connection with the Medical Informatics European (MIE) conferences or by arranging separate meetings.
  • To support the education of nurses with respect to informatics and computing.
  • To support research and developmental work in the field and promote publishing of achieved results.