FAIR4Health Aim

The overall objective of FAIR4Health is to facilitate and encourage the EU health research community to FAIRify, share and reuse their datasets derived from publicly funded research initiatives.

Specific Objective 1. To design and implement an effective outreach strategy at EU level based on trust building and shared benefit
Specific Objective 2. To produce a set of guidelines to inform a number of Research Data Alliance recommendations in order to set the foundations for a FAIR data certification roadmap to guarantee high quality of data
Specific Objective 3. To develop and validate intuitive, user-centered technological tools to enable the translation from raw (meta)data to FAIR (meta)data and support the FAIRification workflow, i.e., the FAIR4Health Platform and Agents
Specific Objective 4. To demonstrate the potential impact in terms of health outcomes and health research that the implementation of such FAIR data strategy will have through the development and validation of 2 pathfinder case studies.

For more Information please visit: https://www.fair4health.eu/

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