Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics

The Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics is a journal of the BCS Health, The British Computer Society (BCS) is a Chartered Institute for IT. The journal publishes high-quality research papers, literature reviews and letters from both researchers and practitioners in the fields of health and clinical informatics and its focus is on informatics research from the front lines of health care.  Free to publish, free full text online at:   Editor-in-Chief  Prof Simon de Lusignan

We look to publish articles about how computers and information technology can be incorporated into clinical workflow, be used to measure quality and health outcomes.  We are interested in how computerised medical records can better record the clinical status of patients and can be used to measure the quality, safety and efficiency of health care professionals and organisations – including primary care, hospital, mental health, and social and community care.  The scope of the journal also includes integrated care and how genetic data might be used to enhance health care. The electronic archive of recent volumes of Informatics in Primary Care (from 2001 – 2012) can be accessed free of charge at the journal website

BCS Journal of Innovation in Health Informatics