On the Occasion of 70th Anniversary of Life and 45 Years of Academic Work of Academician Izet Masic

In the hilly Balkans, a folk proverb has been circulating for a long time, „It is most dicult to be a prophet in one‘s own village“, which reflects the age-old mistrust of the population towards new ideas. This is not surprising in the least, because since the written history of the peoples of the Balkans has existed, a continuous series of conquerors and local rulers who subjugated the common folks and imposed their worldview can be traced. Nevertheless, from time to time, people with great strength appear who not only break the shackles imposed by the powerful but through their actions and a way to the souls of their compatriots and gain their unreserved trust. One of such spontaneous creators is professor Izet Mašić, who achieved a miracle of medical publishing in his Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina and traced the path of medical science. There may be thousands of medical journals in the world, more or less reputable, and researchers from the Balkans can publish their work in them, but only domestic medical journals can initiate and direct domestic medical research, and educate young researchers in the right way. Professor Mašić made it possible for authors from Bosnia and Herzegovina and other Balkan countries to present their results to the world and receive an incentive from impartial experts to continue their work and progress more and more by editing and publishing three domestic journals at once, which are visible in the most important world bases. The progress in research then translated into improving medical practice and health care of the population. The following details from Professor Mašić‘s biography tell us how this miracle happened. This year, academician Izet Mašić, Editor-in-Chief of a few biomedical journals, including Acta Informatica Medica journal, celebrates his 70th birthday and also 45 years of his academic and scientific work.

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