EFMI Honorary Fellow, Prof. George Mihalas, PhD, FEFMI, FIAHSI has become chair of IMIA WG History

The president of IMIA, Prof. Jack Li, has announced during the IMIA General Assembly held on Dec. 4th, 2022  the new chairship of the IMIA WG History – Chair: George Mihalas (EFMI), co-chair: Casimir Kulikowski (AMIA), board members: Hyeoun-Ae Park (APAMI), Valerio Yacubson (IMIA-LAC) and Robert Greenes (North-America). He also congratulated the work done by this WG, which got the IMIA Award for 2015 and 2017, and also published the successful e-book on IMIA History (accessible free online at: https://imia-medinfo.org/wp/history-book/.

This new position comes in good complementarity with the one of Chairs of the similar-topic mirror EFMI WG ETMI – Evolution and Trends in Medical Informatics, which will help us in preparing both the second volume of Medical Informatics History, dedicated to national societies and regional groups of IMIA, as well as a deeper approach into the evolution of certain topics in medical informatics.