Meet the FAIR Working Group @ EFMI STC 2023

The EFMI WG on FAIR data in Health Research Performing Organizations organises a workshop in the EFMI Special Topic Conference 2023 (, a hybrid event that will take place from October 25th to 27th in Torino (Italy), but also gives the opportunity to connect online for registration here.

The workshop, entitled “Discussing FHIR implementations with regard to the FAIR data principles”, will take place next Thursday, October 26th at 9.30 am.

It was created as a result of this EFMI working group with collaboration from HL7 Europe and the National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data in Germany (NFDI4Health). It is a new contribution exploring the FHIR for FAIR Implementation Guide and calling on the scientific community to implement it. Specific cases related to the EU as OneAquaHealth and EHDS2 will be explored.

Besides, this workshop includes experts’ presentations: Matthias Löbe, Catherine Chronaki, Giorgio Cangioli, Carlos Luis Parra-Calderón and Celia Alvarez-Romero.

Join us!