National EFMI Member Society

French Medical Informatics Association (AIM)


Brigitte Seroussi


Pr. Philippe CINQUIN, MD, PhD

Director of TIMC-IMAG (UMR5525 UGA-CNRS)
Scientific coordinator of CIC-IT803 (INSERM / CHU Grenoble Alps),
Health Methodology Department of the Public Health Department of CHU Grenoble Alpes Medical School
IN3S Institute of Engineering and Health Information
38700 La Tronche Cedex, France

Head Office:

Chemin des Rampes
38170 Seyssinet-Pariset
Founded: 1968 Membership: 500

About the French Medical Informatics Association (AIM)

Created in 1968, the French Association for the applications of medical informatics, “Association pour les Applications de l’Informatique en Médecine”, or AIM, is a scholarly society, mainly composed of researchers and university teachers. The association is the official representative of France within the IMIA and EFMI boards. Its approximately 500 members are working for a better integration of information technology in the health care system to improve quality of care and patient management. AIM’s goals are the following:

  • To promote computer applications, scientific researches and their corresponding technical developments within the healthcare system.
  • To introduce these computer applications to healthcare professionals, interested administrations and concerned industrial actors.
  • To simplify exchanges between healthcare professionals (physicians, biologists, administrators, nurses, researchers), and scientists specialized in computer science, as well as research organizations and concerned associations’ representatives or agencies.
  • To contribute to healthcare professionals’, researchers’ and engineers’ education to medical informatics.
  • To collaborate with groups and scientific associations sharing synergetic goals.
  • To participate to the professional thinking that should precede or give rise to the update of official texts that regulate the automatic processing of medical data.

AIM currently organizes two meetings per year. AIM web site publishes newsletters, articles which can be accessed at : . Proceedings are published by in the collection “Informatique et Santé” from the Springer-Verlag (Paris).


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