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About the Member Society

BCSHIF was formed in January 2005, and evolved from the BCS Health Informatics Committee, which has a history going back 40 years. The Forum was established to cover all aspects of Informatics in support of Health, a sector of particular relevance and importance to the BCS. The Forum provides leadership in this sector, acting as a source of professionally recognised expertise, under-pinning the outward-facing role of the BCS, and ensuring that all contributors to Health Informatics are recognised and respected.

BCSHIF constituency is led by a Strategic Panel, a group of experts, including the Chairs of all BCS Health Informatics Groups, individually recognized as thought leaders and influential opinion formers. The Strategic Panel is currently chaired by Dr Glyn Hayes, who is also a BCS Vice President.

BCS Health Informatics Groups:

  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: Nursing
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: Primary Healthcare
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: London and South East
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: Northern
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: Scotland
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: South West
  • BCS Health Informatics Specialist Group: Interactive Care
  • BCS Health Informatics Member Group: ASSIST

Open Forum meetings to discuss current issues are held quarterly at BCS, Southampton Street, London (Jan, April, July and October). Contact BCSHIF Manager Christine Mayes, christine.mayes@hq.bcs.org.uk


  • Co-hosts the Healthcare Computing (HC) Congress – the largest, most comprehensive Health Informatics event in Europe, held in Harrogate each March (www.health-informatics.org)
  • Comments on all major reports and proposals from Government
  • Meets with Government ministers or departments where necessary
  • Compiles, via its Policy Task Group, responses to relevant Government documents from the Home Countries, European Commission and internationally. It also prepares BCSHIF policy on other Health Informatics issues
  • Publishes work, funds projects and arranges workshops to develop the science of health informatics
  • Appoints the UK representatives to the two relevant international bodies – International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA) and European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI)
  • Works with the NHS, the Clinical Royal Colleges, NHS IT organisations and other bodies towards developing health informatics professionalism in the UK, through the UK Council for Health Informatics Professions (UKCHIP)
  • Hosts quarterly meetings at which liaison group members are welcome
  • Informs and influences overall BCS policy
  • Publishes HINOW, hard copy and online, the newsletter for BCS Health Informaticians

Established in 1957, the British Computer Society (BCS) is the leading body for those working in IT. With a world-wide membership now over 58,000 members in over 100 countries, BCS is the qualifying body for Chartered IT Professionals (CITP).

BCS was incorporated by Royal Charter in 1984. Its objects are to promote the study and practice of computing and to advance knowledge of and education in IT for the benefit of the public. BCS is also a registered charity.

BCS is licensed by the Engineering Council to award Chartered Engineer status (CEng) and Incorporated Engineer status (IEng); and more recently by the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist status (CSci).

Through our specific Professionalism in IT programme, BCS is leading and building IT professionalism. Full and latest information on BCSHIF and the BCS Health Informatics Groups is available through its website: http://www.bcshif.org


For further information on the member society please visit their website using the link above.