University of Donja Gorica- Faculty for Information Systems and Technologies- Centre for Medical Informatics


Ivana Ognjanović: ivana.ognjanovic[at][dot]me

About the Institutional Member

Centre for Medical Informatics is situated at Faculty for Information systems and technologies, University of Donja Gorica (UDG), Montenegro. The Faculty for Information systems and technologies is recognized as a leader in enhancing ICT competences across the nation and building an agile, highly skilled workforce capable of responding to a dynamic and rapidly developing digital area. Therefore, the Centre for Medical Informatics offers an innovative environment for

  • research and projects
  • education
  • conferences and workshops
  • network cooperation with industry and other partners at national and international levels
  • publications and newsletters

within the field of information technology in the health care sector.

Research and Projects

University of Donja Gorica and its Centre for Medical Informatics conducts significant steps in building medical informatics community in Montenegro, focusing on both developing and launching lifelong education programs in the fields of medical informatics and information health management, as well as on applied research activities and actions benefiting integral medical information system in Montenegro and health systems in general.


  • eHealth technologies
  • decision support systems
  • health information management
  • clinical information systems, and EHR
  • telemedicine
  • cyber security of medical hardware and software devices, systems and networks
  • quality development and assurance
  • user interface and usability
  • technology assessment and implementation


  • education and training
  • project initiation and management at national, regional and international level
  • knowledge and research flow between university, industry and other health stakeholders

University of Donja Gorica provides unique multi-disciplinary MSc program HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (2 years: 120ECTS), which is one of key results of Erasmus+ project ‘Enhancement of study programs in Public Health Law, Health Management, Health Economics and Health Informatics in Montenegro (PH-ELIM)’, coordinated by UDG.

University of Donja Gorica participates in national, regional and international scientific projects within our research and competence fields.