The THI Working Group – Translational Health Informatics

Translational medicine is a rapidly growing multidisciplinary field which aims to promote enhancements in healthcare as relates to prevention, diagnosis, and therapeutics.


Mauro Giacomini

DIBRIS, University of Genova, Italy



Carlos Luis Parra Calderón

Andalusian Health Service




Main Objectives:

Translation medicine focuses on integrative methods for biomedical research and for the delivery of clinical care, taking into account the availability of high-throughput bio-molecular instrumentation, the increasing availability of genomic profiles of patients for personalized healthcare delivery, and the realization of systems for the collection, management, analysis and dissemination of large and heterogeneous data sets. The development of translational medicine brings about a faster development of new diagnostics and medicinal products and a better access to care for people at reasonable costs. Such developments are based to a great extent on the interaction between biomedical-clinical knowledge and biomedical informatics. This interaction plays a key role for multidisciplinary information systems that support healthcare data analysis and its interaction with other fields such as economics. This Working Group will be focused on the health informatics needed for accommodating the translational challenges. In particular, we will target the following goals:

  • Explore a proposal for a Translational Health Information Language to underlie translational info-structure (see details in the document “Towards Translational Health Information Language” under the Files tab)
  • Demonstrate the feasibility of common translational infostructures for the currently distinct environments of biomedical research and health care
  • Support studies focusing on informatics underlying translational research and medicine, fostering a better interrelation of bioinformatics and medical informatics
  • Discuss major challenges in the new OMICS era with regard to translational health informatics and analytics
  • Discuss how standards in data treatment can improve the development of translational health informatics
  • Set up a stable communication with the Security, Safety and Ethics working group of EFMI to discuss issues of common interest

Relevant Activities 2020:

 Activities planned for 2021:

  • Organization and Participation of EFMI STC 2021 to be held in fall in Seville, Spain
  • Held a business meeting of the THI WG during this event.
  • Organization and Participation of pHealth 2021to be held in Keele University, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, 15 – 17 September 2021