Institutional Member Application

With the organisation of the institutional members we aim to strengthen cooperation among national societies, working groups and institutional members through transparency.

We have network meetings during our Special Topic Conferences and Medical Informatics Europe Conference.

As an institutional member you have the possibility to have events, conferences academic meetings endorsed by EFMI as you also have the possibility to advertise for call for research participation and job opportunities.

The EFMI Council may accept academic institutions, public or private organizations, non-profit institutions as well as industrial and corporate organizations as Members.

The Institutional Members are represented in the Council by electing one representative of the academic institutions or non-profit organizations and one representative of the industrial or corporate organizations. The representatives’ term is two years. The membership annual dues of all the Institutional Members are decided by the Council.

The current Institutional Member Officer in the EFMI Board is Lars Lindsköld ( Please, don’t hesitate to contact her if you have questions.

The representatives in the council are for academia and NON-profit organizations: Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac and for Industry: Jacob Hofdijk.

Both of the gentlemen were elected during an online meeting late June. For 2020 we strieve for a new approach in recruiting IM. The approach is to create value, based on the core EFMI values represented by the scientific work and the network of researchers, EFMI conference attendees, members of Working groups and other friends of EFMI.

EFMI institutional membership fee (status from 15.08.2020)

Categories Fee (€)
1A: not for profit, small (<20) 200,00
1B: not for profit, medium (<100) 300,00
1C: not for profit 500,00
2A: for profit, small (<100) 500,00
2B: for profit, medium (<1000) 1500,00
2C: for profit, large 2000,00

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