Institutional Member Application

With the organization of the institutional members, we aim to strengthen cooperation among national societies, working groups, and institutional/ Industry members through transparency.

We have network meetings during our Special Topic Conferences and Medical Informatics Europe Conference and activities digitally.

As an institutional member, you can participate in events, conferences academic meetings endorsed by EFMI as you also can advertise for calls for research participation and job opportunities. Your logotype will be linked to the EFMI website, And you can state that you are an “I am a member of EFMI”  on your website with a link to EFMI. You will have a chance to be presented in the EFMI newsletter and arrange webinars with support from EFMI (additional costs can occur). As an EFMI Institution / Industry member, you also receive a discount on EFMI arrangements.

EFMI via the Institution member officer may accept academic institutions, public or private organizations, non-profit institutions, and SME / industrial and corporate organizations as Members


The current Institutional Member Officer on the EFMI Board is Lars Lindsköld (

Please, don’t hesitate to contact him if you have questions or suggestions.


The Council decides the annual membership dues. The Institutional Members. Institution/Industry members have the right to participate in the council meeting but no voting rights. The Institutional Members are represented with voting rights in the Council by electing one representative of the academic institutions or non-profit organizations and one representative of the industrial or corporate organizations. The representative’s term is two years.

The representatives in the Council are for academia and NON-profit organizations:  Christophe Gaudet-Blavignac <>; and for Industry: Jacob Hofdijk<>.

Both were elected during an online meeting in June 2021. This year we strive for a new approach to recruiting new IM and working closely with our country councils to bundle memberships locally and on a European level. The process is to create benefits based on the core EFMI values represented by the scientific work and the network of researchers, EFMI conference attendees, members of Working Groups, and other friends of EFMI. 2022 is the year for Informatics.

Those values will be coordinated with the local EFMI representative member organization when possible. This will be done by faster finding and sharing knowledge and promoting relevant context/solutions to  Clinical staff. Both from Institutions as well as SMEs/industries.

Join us to support Informatics in healthcare

EFMI institutional membership annual fee (from 26.05.2022);

The fee is  200 € / year.

This also includes any SME with funding from EU or national programs.

The invoice will be sent out in January each year. Large organizations can donate more than 200 €

Additional costs can be offered depending on the type of services requested.

Participating in the EFMI accreditation program will give a two years complimentary institutional membership.

(The Fee will be used  above all to support/increase collaboration between the Institutions and Industry members to benefit Clinical Staffs informatics literacy and thereby increase benefits for both patients as well as organizations/industry )

Looking forward to having you as an Institution member of EFMI.


Please download the relative documents and the application:


Application for Registration