Days of AMNuBiH 2021” and “SWEP 2021” Conferences, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

12th Days of Academy of Medical Sciences of Bosnia and Herzegovina this year was organized together with the International Academy of Sciences and Arts in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo, Bosnia, and Herzegovina on December 4th, 2021. The title of the symposium was “Sciontometry, Citation, Plagiarism, and Predatory in the Scientific Publishing”.

The reason for this title was very frequent cases in the academic and scientific publications about four mentioned topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries in the Balkan region, but also worldwide. The authors of the presentations at the conference came from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, North Macedonia, USA, and Poland.

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Ufnalska Sylwia – Sarajevo 2021 aim-2021-4-02.12.2021 – abstracti A4 PRINT PROGRAM – 50 kom A5 format